A warm welcome
Practice for
Rolfing® Structural Integration
in Zug
breathe freely - move effortlessly
walk upright through life

The founder and eponym of this body therapy is the biochemist Ida Pauline Rolf (1896-1979). The treatment harmonises unbalanced tensions in the body. The alignment of the body in the earth's gravitational field improves, breathing and moving becomes easier. The body gains resources and feels more alive and freer.

The practice is located in the centre of Zug, just a few minutes' walk from the railway station, diagonally opposite Hirschgehege/Gym Schützenmatt.

It is a great happiness and a pleasure for me to have found a task in my current work that enables me to support people in activating their personal potential and contributing to their well-being.

       Bernasconi Rolfing

       Petra Bernasconi

       Chamerstrasse 12C

       CH-6300 Zug

       076 761 45 82


       Practice opening hours

       Monday to Friday all day.

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