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Narbenbehandlung und Wirkung

ScarWork by Sharon Wheeler

Wound healing

No matter whether there is a deep abrasion or laceration, an incision of an operation, a burn or a bite wound: If this injury affects not only the uppermost skin layer but also deeper skin layers, the tissue will only regenerate incompletely. Because of blood loss or the risk of infection, it may be vital for us that a wound closes again within a short time. The body therefore reacts to injury with rapid wound closure and the formation of scar tissue in order to restore the protective function of the skin; the following motto applies - protection before beauty.


Scars can be a cosmetic and psychological problem. Scars can also lead to functional disabilities and restrictions in movement - sometimes resulting in permanently altered patterns of movement and posture. In addition, various complaints can occur in the scar tissue itself or in the surrounding tissue: Pain, itching, tingling, burning, feelings of tension and numbness, edema, reduced resilience of the skin to mechanical stimuli, disturbed sensation of temperature or pain, increased sensitivity to sunlight. Scars and the surrounding tissue are often perceived as something foreign.

Treatment of scars

Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork is characterised by the fact that the work is mainly towards the scar, whereby the layers of tissue involved can be brought together again. The treatment begins superficially and then gently penetrates into deeper layers. Various types of touch are used to meet the requirements of the different forms of scars. The treatment is carried out with gentle, slow touches and is painless, even pleasant for the client. The age and origin of the scars do not play a role in this treatment. The treatment can begin about three months after the skin injury; even scars that are decades old can still be treated.



Each scar is unique. It is therefore impossible to say in advance how successful the treatment of a particular scar will be. In most cases, however, a significant improvement in the condition of the scar and the surrounding tissue can already be seen during the first treatment. The progress is continuously checked and evaluated together with the client. Particularly important are improved sensation, the elimination of movement restrictions and the alleviation of tension and pain. Small scars usually require only one session, larger scars, e.g. extensive burns, usually require more than one session to achieve a satisfactory result.



  • keloid scars

  • scars after inguinal hernia surgery with mesh reinforcement



A 60-minute treatment costs CHF 130. incl. 8.1 % VAT.


Clarify Questions / Make an Appointment

If you have any further questions about the treatment, please do not hesitate to write me an e-mail ( or contact me by telephone (076 761 45 82). I will be happy to answer your questions.

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